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Wash Off Your Hands With Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 1:41:02 PM Asia/Calcutta

When we talk about homes, it is our bedroom or drawing room that gets all the attention. After all, most of the money that we have spent is for these rooms only. Lots of efforts are put and the aesthetic value of both of these rooms is much more than other rooms in our house. Most of the time that we spend in our house is there. Therefore, other rooms may not get the desired attention. But when it comes to cleanliness, this should not be the case. In fact, each and every corner of the house should be kept clean. If we talk about one single place which is underrated in these terms, it is our kitchen and toilets. Cleaning of both of these spaces is important as there is possibility of germs to attack us from these areas. To keep these spaces clean, we have to buy products that are efficient enough to provide cleanliness not only to the area but also to us. There is need of automatic detergent and dish soap dispenser, hand soap and liquid soap dispenser. To get the best quality of automatic soap dispensers online, there is nothing better than My Cleaning Store.

At My Cleaning Store, you will get the best items for any department of your house. We are the leading seller of cleaning products ranging from soap foam dispenser to hand sanitizer dispenser.  You don’t have to worry about the genuineness of our products as we don’t sell any fake items via our portal. If you are cooking food in your kitchen and need to wash hands before cutting vegetables, then we have automatic liquid dispenser or if you are coming out of toilet and are looking to wash your hands, then we have soap dispenser too. You just need to search for whatever you are looking, and we will have everything you desire. Some of the products that we sell are – white and grey plastic 500 ml soap dispenser, push button soap dispenser, Kimberly clark professional mini skin care dispenser, automatic soap dispenser etc.

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All Round Cleaning of Your House

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 5:46:38 PM Asia/Calcutta

To function in a normal way and to give your 100 percent, there are a lot of factors in play. Keeping yourself fit and fine is the most important factor. Our health has a lot to do with cleanliness. It is an important factor in keeping away from diseases. Germs and other objects can not only keep our environment clean but also helps in keeping us safe and away from diseases. For our space, be it our house or office, this can be achieved with the help of housekeeping. This is done with the help of hiring people who are well trained in cleaning purposes. To get the all round cleaning, there is need of products in the form of chemicals and equipments that provide the solution for every problem. And the best place to get these products is My Cleaning Store. We provide our services all over Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

My Cleaning store is the leading online portal to buy housekeeping materials. Our customers prefer us because of the high quality of products that we sell. All our products have been through rigorous tests and then only passed on. We only sell genuine product, you won’t find even one single fake product among all. Housekeeping includes all the chores related to cleanliness of our space. Right from cleaning of bed sheets to proper washing of used utensils to cleansing of floor tiles, everything comes under housekeeping. Not even a small area should be avoided as there is chance of germs attacking in that area only.

Our customer base is that of a long one and includes institute such as IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana. We are the wholesale supplier of equipments such as trolleys, cleaning supplies etc. You can check the material price list which will give you a clearer idea as why we are on the top. Some of the many items that we sell are spray plastic bottle, pedal dustbin, floor buffing pad, toilet brush with plastic container, Aluminium ladder 4 step, caddy carry basket, soft broom, Taski Floor cleaner, window squeeze, full body harness etc.

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Cleaning of Carpet Brush With Our High End Products

Friday, October 6, 2017 12:59:13 PM Asia/Calcutta

Flooring of space is something that is present in every house. That is the most basic part about our house. It may be basic but cannot be ignored or get over just for the sake of formality. Whatever material you use for flooring will only enhance the aesthetics of your space. Now, there are various items that are used to cover that floor. Carpet is one of them. In fact, it is the most common out of all. No matter where you visit, you will notice that most of the places are in favor of placing carpets. It is because carpets are a very safe option. They help in protecting the floors. But in this process, they also get dirty. To solve this problem, My Cleaning Store offers you carpet cleaning products that will suit your every need.

Carpet is easily available in market which is why they are very common and are also more sustainable than other options. But cleaning of carpet can be a daunting task. It requires use of capable hands. These hands will be able to work in a good way only when they are provided with the best of the products. These products are made available to you by my cleaning store. Here, you will get all the merchandise that you need to clean your carpet. Your carpet may be suffering from various stain marks and to make it look like brand new again, you have the option to use products that are sold by us. We are a trusted name in this field and have customers all over India. We only sell genuine products that will help your carpet to look good again and also increase the longevity. We have high quality brushes to do that work. To go with the Carpet cleaning brushes, we also have carpet spotters to clean out dirty stains such as spilled juices, marks of crayons etc. We offer a wide of products through our online website. Some of the products are – Plastic carpet brush with handle, mr. tall plastic frayed bristles broom, unger swivel brush with handle etc.

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Disposal of Waste via Dustbins

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 3:50:48 PM Asia/Calcutta

Food is one thing that is loved by everyone out there. No matter what country a person is living in, the love of food is present. The cultures may be different, the flavors may be different but the love of food is always constant. And even though you are not a fan of food, it becomes necessity more than a luxury. There is requirement of food in every home and generally our meal consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. When something is done so regularly and is important in our life, then why not do it efficiently. While cooking food in our kitchen, there are various different points that we should keep in mind. Right from safety features to the use of optimum ingredients, all the points should be taken in mind. One critical thing to remember is cleanliness.

This cleanliness is said for before as well as after purpose. There may be dirty things that are spread in the kitchen even before you have entered the kitchen. This may repel you and chances are that you won’t be able to give your 100 percent while cooking food in the kitchen. And this problem of messiness may affect us while cooking in between too. There are remains of vegetables and fruits while cooking food that are of no use that may get accumulated and gives us a negative vibe. There are people who cannot stand this and won’t cook at all. To solve this problem, there are kitchen dustbins which can be directly bought from My Cleaning Store.

At My Cleaning Store, you will get dustbin online and dustbin bags for every use. Disposal of waste material will be very easy and won’t consume your time. You just have to collect the waste and put in the dustbin. Our products range from small to large sizes. Some of the common products are – pedal dustbin, plastic dustbin, wheeled dustbin etc. We have it in different colors such as white, black, green etc. You can buy plastic as well as steel dustbins from us at cheap prices.

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Get Your Floor Polished With Nimyle Herbal Cleaner

Saturday, September 23, 2017 6:47:46 PM Asia/Calcutta


Our house consists of various different things and sum of all of those things converts our house into a home. Right from furniture to decorative items, we make sure that everything that we buy is of the best quality. When you are spending money, why not spend it on things that actually make a difference in your house and that too for good. After all, you are judged by how your looks. Whenever someone enters your house, they see how well it looks and aesthetics are fiercely looked upon. Each and every detail is looked by others. So it becomes vitally important to look for every detail at My cleaning store.

Cleanliness is one of those details. When decorating any house, cleanliness is not the primary concern. It is not the first point that comes to your mind. But when everything is adjusted, you will automatically come to realization that it has to be done in order make a home complete. No matter how many things you buy, there will be always a sense of unfinished business when it comes to hygiene. Hygiene can be defined as those set of practices that we include in our daily life to maintain our health which helps in preventing diseases and increase our longevity.

Cleanliness should not just be something that is done for aesthetics. It plays a major role in shaping our health. This should start right from the dining room and extend till the bathroom. Each and every corner should be taken into account. One area that specifically needs focus is your floor. Floor is not considered to be important but that is a just wrong way of thinking. In households where there are kids, this point should not be ignored at all. They lie on the floor and have the habit of eating food wherever they spot it. To get rid of this headache, Nimyle Herbal Floor Cleaner should be used. Any issues such as spilled food on the floor or general cleaning, this is the best thing out there. Products sold by NImyle have always been a best seller because of their top notch quality. This herbal floor cleaner is only taking the tradition ahead.

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Seasonal Challenges of Housekeeping

Friday, July 29, 2016 10:58:18 AM Asia/Calcutta

Housekeeping takes a beating mostly during rains, as even a flexible cleaning schedule makes achieving 100% result a challenge. Managing flexible and demanding housekeeping schedules in wet seasons get tricky in high traffic and sensitive areas. Clean India Journal speaks to housekeepers on seasonal issues…

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Why Building Maintenance Units

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 1:05:43 PM Asia/Calcutta

“Never clean glass under direct sunlight. Cleaning Schedule should be made according to the angle of the sun and the shadow of the building. Don’t clean when it is raining.”

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Selection of right cleaning tools improves the result

Thursday, July 21, 2016 12:54:45 PM Asia/Calcutta

MyCleaningStore launched recently by Rakesh Lal, is into providing quality wholesale janitorial products online and offline, as well with cost effective solutions and exceptional service for all the cleaning and maintenance supply needs. The services of MyCleaningStore are available in the Delhi NCR Region at present and in the process of expanding their online presence at pan India level.

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Centralised Vacuum System

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:44:26 PM Asia/Calcutta

Centralised vacuum system are extensively used in many types of industries like manufacturing, processing, engineering, food processing, pharma, fertilizer, agro processing and automobile industries. They are mainly used for two purpose:

  • Dust control
  • Material Handling
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Housekeeping products suppliers in delhi

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 12:13:12 PM Asia/Calcutta supplier of different kinds of housekeeping products & Cleaning Products which are available in various designs, color combinations & textures. Housekeeping products of MyCleaningStore are marked by use of quality, eco-friendly and harmless products. Our housekeeping products made from graded raw material. We also make use of safe chemicals, latest technology. Due to our best quality of housekeeping materials, we have become quite popular in regions of Haryana and Delhi/NCR.

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The chemical-free cleaning products available these days are very effective in cleaning the stains from floors and tiles. They clean away the dirt and hard grime without any effort and gives a new look to the tiles. These products come highly recommended as a home and office cleaning products.

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When it comes to natural cleaning products, it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways, which can be utilized. Less is known to people is that there are various products available in the market that are used on a daily basis and are one of the best natural sources for cleaning. With a natural ability to clean dust, molds, dirt, and stains, natural products when taken into practice leaves a green footprint on the environment as traditional commercial cleaning products and office cleaning products along with products used for home cleaning available in the market are having chemicals and toxins, which are harmful.

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Using eco friendly office cleaning products for cleaning- Go green

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:26:40 PM Asia/Calcutta

Over the years, different cleaning methodologies have been introduced in the market for maintaining and up keeping of your homes in the best possible manner. As the market is flooded with housekeeping products, one can select them as per their need and requirement. However, less is known to people about the bad effects that these products can cause when used for a prolonged period, as they are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins. Therefore, for efficient cleaning without putting your family and environment at risk, you can take use of eco friendly methods and green products that are available at stores for use. 

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Using the right home cleaning products is essential as one wrong cleaning agent used can cause irreparable damage. Blocked drains and pipes is a problem that is found in mostly all vicinities. To eradicate this problem, it is essential to take use of the experts who can help you in clearing the drainage system of your home. People prefer to use eco friendly rooter services as they are having teams of professionals along with high-tech tools and machines that help in cleaning the drains and pipes. 

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This year go green with eco friendly housekeeping products for all cleaning needs

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:22:22 PM Asia/Calcutta

With cleaning being an essential part of daily lives, using right product is important. The market is flooded with cleaning products that are segregated as per work needed. However, it is a known fact to the world that the products that are being used for cleaning purposes are loaded with hard chemicals and toxic that can cause some real trouble not only to the family, but also even to the environment. The solution for the same is to start using eco friendly or green cleaning products that are not only a boon for the environment but is even pocket friendly. 

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Get your carpets cleaned with eco friendly and green home cleaning products

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:20:15 PM Asia/Calcutta

Having stains on your carpet can bring your worst nightmares into reality. Removing the stains from your carpet would be a hell of a work and will consume lot of time as well. In addition to this, if carpet cleaning is not done in the proper and right manner then it can cause irreparable damage. Along with this, it can even burn a hole in your pocket, as office-cleaning products used for carpets are costly. Lastly, health of the person cleaning the carpet along with others living in the home can be stake as these cleaning products contain some heavy chemicals. However, people continue using these products because there is a notion in mind that only tough cleaners with hard chemicals can help in cleaning the carpets. Less they know about these products and the harm that they do to the environment. 

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Different variants of cleaning products that can be utilized for cleaning

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:18:34 PM Asia/Calcutta

Depending on the type of cleaning you need to do, the cleaning products are designed accordingly. Whenever it comes to cleaning, utilizing the goods designed for the specific purpose would give better results. In addition to this, using the cleaning products depending on the mess would give better results. As the stores are filled with numerous cleaning products, it become confusing for a person to select the appropriate one for use, therefore, it is advised to select the products online as detailed information about products is available along with which one can even know which cleaning product has to be used for which purpose. 

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Eco friendly carpet cleaning services offered by professional cleaning companies

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:12:31 PM Asia/Calcutta

Vacuuming is not sufficient for proper cleaning of carpet and maintenance of its pristine look to the best possible extent. Apart from dirt, stains, grime, and bugs, there are many other problems associated with carpet cleaning. Homeowners prowl for quick, ace, and high quality carpet cleaning companies in close proximity. Nowadays, you find many eco friendly carpet cleaning techniques and device, all having different advantages, purposes and uses. Such equipments include truck systems, encapsulation machines, portable units, and carpet extractors along with various other forms of cleaning products

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Over the years, uses of eco friendly and green janitorial supplies have been introduced as it has numerous advantages associated with the same. With development of technology, companies involved in manufacturing of office cleaning products and janitorial products have started producing green products for use so that it can play their role and contribute towards saving the environment along with enhancing their customer reach. 

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The ongoing need of commercial cleaning products and its importance

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:07:51 PM Asia/Calcutta

No matter which kind of business or company you are having, it is essential to keep the area clean so that the area looks welcoming. In addition to this, a clean premise will even display your methods of working and would be a positive factor for attracting clients. 

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Stay Surprised and amazed by using natural products for cleaning your home

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:05:49 PM Asia/Calcutta

Cleaning is one of the essential aspects taken into practice because it helps in keeping your surroundings healthy and fresh. With different products available in the market, one can utilize them as required. However, with rise in the number of chemical products, cleaning your homes can be a difficult thing to do as it can turn out to be harmful for the products on which it is used and even for people in the home. 

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Strengths and weakness of the green cleaning product

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:04:08 PM Asia/Calcutta

When it comes to green cleaning products, there is lot of choices available. One does not always have to depend upon commercially available ones.  It is possible to get them made at home also.  Such many ways of making them can be found out online. The varieties of methods are easily available on internet. They consist of all such ideas of having them home made. If one wants them from market itself, such many products can be found out available in the stores as well.  Also the wide commercial availability has brought their prices down, thus making them economically feasible.

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Green cleaning ensures safe and clean toilets

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:02:43 PM Asia/Calcutta

When it comes to cleaning home, we usually find the toilet as most crucial and important area. Toilet cleaning involves making it odor free as an important aspect. Dirty toilets are a threat to underground water as there is a greater chance of it being polluted. Also they look extremely bad in addition to the bad smell they cause. A good shower can never be taken if the toilet is dirty and smelly. Hence clean toilets are a must in household.

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Getting the cleaning done with the natural products

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:01:09 PM Asia/Calcutta

Everyone is well versed with the idea of green products these days as they are widely being used as a replacement, an idea which is getting very popular these days. Here one might wonder as what these products exactly are. Well it’s just a way of house cleaning which uses the things extracted from nature. They are used for cleaning purpose not just the house but the workplace and every other place which may need cleaning.  Initially people did not know about the negative effects of the conventional cleaning products, hence kept on using them. But now in the new era everyone is becoming more knowledgeableabout the surroundings. This has led people to change their minds and choose green products over the commercial ones that are chemical based. 

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The surprising facts behind the commercial cleaning products!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:59:29 AM Asia/Calcutta

Most of the women do multi tasking, what not they cooks food, cleans their home, washes their clothes and looks after their family. Few women are successfully planning their career while looking after their family. Working for long hours in the office might make you feel so tired, and out of work pressure in the office you might not be able to visit various stores to find some good cleaning products. Picking a product to clean your home on looking at their attractive packaging, price and advertisements will not only create a threat to you but also to your family members and to the environment as well.

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The evil effects of commercial cleaning products!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:57:26 AM Asia/Calcutta

Everybody dream’s to have a sparkling home and what not people keep on trying different kinds of cleaning products to make their home clean and sparkling. Every day we see a new product in the market with attractive price and this situation is creating a great confusion among the people about which product to choose for their sweet home. We also see many attractive advertisements about different kinds of cleaning products daily like instant shine, chemical free, easy clean and many more. Purchasing a product looking at those attractive advertisements might land you on problems, and you need to be really careful while choosing a product either to clean your office or home to stay away from the dangerous effects of the toxic chemicals.

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Tips to make your home, Sweet home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:56:02 AM Asia/Calcutta

Most of the people are very busy with their schedule these days, however still they manage to take of their diet. Just like taking care of your diet, did you ever spend some time to find the right products to clean your kitchen, living room and bathroom?

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Go Green and Stay Healthy with Organic Cleaning Products!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:54:34 AM Asia/Calcutta

Environment pollution has become a serious problem everywhere today. Besides, one of the main reasons behind the environment pollution is usage of harmful chemical oriented products in our daily lives. Most of the products which we commonly use like cleaners, detergents, air fresheners and sprays are chemical oriented. Did you ever think of the harmful effects of these chemical oriented cleaning products? No doubt in it, you will definitely feel so surprised on looking at the below side effects of the different kinds of chemical oriented home cleaning products!

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Healthy and happy family with Organic cleaning products!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:52:46 AM Asia/Calcutta

Everybody is well aware of the saying “Health is wealth” and every decision which we make while purchasing the products related to home cleaning plays a crucial role. In fact even a small mistake while choosing the home cleaning products results in dangerous health disorders. Apart from the comfort and price you need to also check whether the product which you are planning to buy is eco-friendly or not, as this will help you in protecting yourself and your family members from the dangerous effects of the home cleaning products. 

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Ensuring good health with the green cleaning products

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:51:06 AM Asia/Calcutta

There are many kind of cleaning products available these days. But the kind that appeals the most is the natural cleaning product better known as green cleaning product. These provide us the better cleaning as compared to the ones which are made using chemicals. So that might give us a thought of moving on to green cleaning products. One might wonder what those advantages are precisely, being talked about here or are they really good enough to be chosen over the conventional ones?

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